Eligibility Letter - Fifth Grade

Egg Harbor Township School District 
Office of State and Federal Programs 
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DR. CHARLES R. FREDERICKS, Supervisor of State and Federal Programs
DR. SCOTT P. McCARTNEY, Superintendent

Date:  September 3, 2015

Name of Student:    ______________________________          

Title I Remedial Services:  __________________________

School/Grade:         Miller / Grade 5 (2015-2016)

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I am happy to inform you that our school district is offering your fifth grade child additional Title I remedial reading and/or math instruction during the school day.  Please understand that these are additional services provided to regular education students.  These are not special education services.  Title I remedial services and special education are separate programs.

     The purpose of these additional reading and/or math services is to improve your child's reading and math skills.

Fifth grade eligibility criteria for Title I Remedial Services (2015-2016)
Fifth grade students are offered these services based upon their academic need in reading and/or math.  Students with the greatest academic need are selected based upon the following multiple eligibility criteria:


  1. 4th Grade Teacher recommendation – 2 points
  2. American Reading Company Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA)   1 Red or less = 3 points; 2 Red = 2 points and White = 1 point
  3. STAR Test Percentile Rank – 2 points for 24th percentile or less; 1 point for 25th to 49th percentile


  1. 4th Grade Teacher recommendation – 2 points
  2. 3rd Trimester Math Test (grade 4) – 3 points for 69% or less; 2 points for 70 to 75% correct; and 1 point for 76 to 80%

    Those students with the highest number of points are selected first followed by the next highest until all available slots are filled.  Students may also become eligible during the year through a recommendation from the Intervention and Referral Services Team, which is a group of teachers who determine if additional services in reading and/or math are needed.

Exit from Title I – Joint recommendation of parent, regular teacher and Title I teacher, and passing reading/math grades.

    In the fifth grade Title I program, students may receive 2 to 5 periods of remedial instruction per week for 30 to 40 minutes per period for each subject for which they receive Title 1 services.  Students may receive remedial instruction in reading and/or math.  The Title I teacher may deliver services jointly with the regular teacher during reading and/or math times.  The Title I teacher may also work with your child in a small group in the regular classroom or in a separate classroom.

   This Title I remedial services program is voluntary.  Your child is not required to participate, but we feel the additional services will help your child.  On the attached page, please indicate whether you wish your child to receive Title I services during the year.  Please return this form to your child's Title I teacher.

   If you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact your child's Title I remedial services teacher, ____________________________________, at the Dr. Joyanne D. Miller School (phone: 407-2500 ext. _________ / e-mail _______________________) or myself at the above-referenced number.

   Best wishes to your child for a successful school year!

Charles R. Fredericks, Ph.D.
Charles R. Fredericks, Ph.D.
Supervisor of State and Federal Programs



Date:                        ___________________________________________

School:                     ____Dr. Joyanne D. Miller School_______________           

Grade (2015-2016):  5

Name of Student:      ___________________________________________                        

Homeroom teacher:   ___________________________________________

Phone:                      ___________________________________________

E-mail contact:          ___________________________________________

Title I Remedial Services Teacher: ________________________________

Please check:

Box         Yes, I DO want my child to receive Title I remedial services during the 2015-2016 school year.

Box         No, I DO NOT want my child to receive Title I remedial services during the 2015-2016 school year.

I have received a copy of the following:

  1. Title I Eligibility Letter and Permission Form
  2. EHT District and Davenport Parental Involvement Policies
  3. Title I Student-Teacher-Parent Compact

Parent's Signature / Date