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2017-2018 Horizon Direct Access 15: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart
2018-2019 Horizon Direct Access 15: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart

2017-2018 Horizon Direct Access 10: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart
2018-2019 Horizon Direct Access 10: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart

2017-2018 Horizon POS: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart
2018-2019 Horizon POS: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart

2017-2018 Horizon Direct Access 15/25: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart
2018-2019 Horizon Direct Access 15/25: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart

Optional Alternative Insurance Plan:

2017-2018 Omnia 10 with BlueCard: Plan Design | Employee Cost Chart
2018-2019 Omnia 10 with BlueCard: Plan Design Employee Cost Chart

The Egg Harbor Township School District offers full time employees medical/vision and prescription benefits for the employee and the employee’s family at a cost dictated by the State of NJ under the provisions of Chapter 78, PL 2011.  The employee benefit contribution is a percentage of the Board’s cost of your medical and prescription benefits utilizing a sliding scale based on your salary.  There are Employee Cost Charts posted just above to assist you in determining the amount of employee benefit contributions that will be deducted from your pay.  The district offers five different medical plans.  You can find the plan designs in detail above as well (click on plan designs).  The Board will pay the cost of the Direct 15 plan (less employee benefit contributions).  If you select a plan with a higher cost to the Board you will also be responsible to pay cost of the plan upgrade, in addition to your increased mandated benefit contributions.  The plan upgrade cost would be the difference between the cost of the plan you chose and the cost of the Direct Access 15 plan.  You can find the costs of the plans in the Employee Cost Chart as well.  If the plan costs less there is no fee.   Please note that 97% of the Egg Harbor Township Board of Education employees are enrolled in the Direct Access 15 plan.  

The medical plan that you select will include vision insurance through Horizon Davis Vision.  You will receive separate cards for Davis Vision.  Your Davis Vision member ID will be the same as your Horizon member ID, but will be through the affiliated company, not Horizon directly.

The District offers all full time employees, and their family members, dental insurance through Delta Dental of NJ at no cost to the employee.  Children cannot be enrolled in the dental insurance program until they reach two years of age.  You may enroll children within 60 days of their second birthday, or during any subsequent open enrollment period.

Frequently used benefits forms:
Medical: Horizon Group Enrollment/Change Request Form
Prescription: Benecard PBF Enrollment/Change Form
Dental: Delta Dental Enrollment/Change Form

When submitting the forms above to enroll or make changes you must submit necessary documentation.  If you are adding a new spouse  you must submit a copy of your marriage certificate.  If you have been married a year or more, you must also submit a copy of your most recently filed Federal 1040 form that indicates you filed jointly (you may black out/white out the financials).  If you are adding children or step children you must provide a copy of each child's birth certificate.  The birch certificate copy must indicate the parents' names.  If you are legal guardian of a child you must provide the court documents.

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Davis Vision:
Website for Davis Vision
The district provides vision coverage through Horizon Vista/Davis Vision.  Employees who are enrolled in Direct Access 15 or the Horizon POS are automatically enrolled in Horizon Vista/Davis Vision XV.  Employees who are enrolled in Direct Access 10 or the Horizon 15/25 are automatically enrolled in Horizon Vista/Davis Vision X.  Those employees who are enrolled in the Omnia Plan have vision insurance within that plan.   Horizon Vista/Davis Vision View Network mailed cards to everyone's home in July 2017.  Unfortunately many employees assumed that they received junk mail and destroyed them.  The member ID number for Davis Vision is the same as your Horizon member ID number on your health insurance card.  So if you do not have your Davis Vision card you may inform your eye doctor of your member ID number and let them know that it is through Davis Vision.  
Click below for detailed information regarding your Davis Vision Plan.  Davis Vision provider services can be reached at 1-800-773-2847.  Davis Vision customer service can be reached at 1-800-278-7753.
Horizon Vista X/Davis Vision 10
Horizon Vita XV/Davis Vision 15

Benecard PBF: Website for Prescription Insurance

Delta Dental of NJ- Website for Dental Insurance

Employee Pensions

The Egg Harbor Township School District is required to enroll all employees in a pension fund as administered by the State of NJ.   Certified employees are enrolled into TPAF, support staff into PERS and DCRP is for our part time employees.  Sometimes it takes the State more than a month to enroll you in the pension system, so you may not see pension deductions in your paycheck immediately.  When the State does send us a certification to take pension deductions from your paycheck, the deductions may be doubled for a period of time.  This is determined by the State, as we cannot make deductions until the State provides the certification to us to do so.  Below are the handbooks available for each retirement system.

TPAF - Teacher's Pension and Annuity Fund Pension Information and Handbook

PERS- Public Employees' Retirement System Pension Information and Handbook

DCRP- Defined Contribution Retirement Program Information

Member Benefit Online System (MBOS) for PERS & TPAF

All employees should be registered on the NJ Division of  Pension & Benefits Member Benefit Online System (MBOS). You can change your beneficiaries online and access all your pension information. Also,you can obtain a pension loan is through this system, provided you have a minimum service of three years. The state will not accept a paper pension loan application.  You can also apply for a pension loan over the automated system at 609-777-1777.  You will need your pension member number to register for MBOS and to apply for a pension loan, it is located on your pay statement which is located on the employee portal.