Superintendent's Corner

Greetings Egg Harbor Township!

 Welcome Back to School !

 Our district staff has been hard at work to prepare our schools for our students. Over three days, teachers, administrators, and staff have attended professional learning opportunities to become familiar with our district mission, district learning goals, new educational resources, our new reading series- Superkids, which will be used in grades K-2, and our literacy plan. I am very excited and confident to say that we are all set and ready for the students to enter the doors of our schools.

This year our focus will be on the Whole Child because we believe that beyond the required academic requirements, each child has unique, individual needs. We believe that social and emotional needs of each child have to first be discovered and addressed  before sustained learning can occur. 

 Our mission will be to EMBRACE, ENGAGE, and EDUCATE. Our teachers and staff will strive to embrace students, parents, and the community as they develop meaningful relationships. You will see that begin with a simple 'Hello' and a smile. Next teachers and staff will look to engage students as they will provide relevant learning experiences that will capture the hearts of students and light up their world! And finally you will see teachers do what they do best- educate ! As learning leaders, they will take their students to places that  no one else ever has by opening their eyes and expanding their minds.

 We believe that once our mission to Embrace, Engage, and Educate is in motion, our three district learning goals will be weaved into the fabric of every child's educational journey. A concentration on improving student achievement will begin with Literacy for ALL as this involves the importance of reading and writing in every content area for both students and parents. We ask that parents partner in their child's learning experience and begin with reading at home with your child everyday. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) has been and will continue to be the foundation of innovative learning in our district. Allowing students to collaborate, design, create, analyze, simulate, present, and reflex on learning in these areas will prepare them for the global society in which they live.

 Embedded into our schools will be the support of a positive climate and culture. Our school Renaissance Teams are in place to create positive and welcoming school environments, inspire improvement among students, and motivate stakeholders to take part in making their school be a place where everyone wants to be everyday!  Be sure to check out your child's school theme for the 2017-18 school year. 

This year our schools will strive to establish partnerships with the community. Student work and talents will be shared and displayed out in the community. At the same time, we welcome our community partners into our schools and to work hand in hand with our school community. 

As your new superintendent, I am proud of the work that we do and I am confident that the teachers, para-professionals, administrators, and staff of the Egg Harbor Township School District are ready to make a difference in the lives of children. I am very excited to be a part of your child's educational journey and​ I welcome any inquiries and/or suggestions that you may have. Best wishes for a wonderful school year! 

 Every Hand Together- Every Child Every Day!

Dr. Kim Gruccio