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Embrace Engage Educate

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! 

We are extremely excited to have our students back with us and we look forward to providing them with outstanding educational experiences. Work was done over the summer to clean school buildings, wax floors, prepare classrooms, plan bus routes, schedule classes, plan lunch menus, tighten security, and create district learning goals that were derived from our new strategic plan. Our schools look great and the teachers are eager and ready for a wonderful school year! 

I am proud to say that we aligned all initiatives with the strategic plan that was created by stakeholders and approved by the board of education. We begin with our mission to Embrace, Engage, and Educate our students, as they are the focus of our passion. We will continue to EMBRACE our students and their families by forming meaningful relationships that nurture social emotional skills and cultivate a positive climate and culture. We will continue to work hard to ENGAGE our students, parents, and community members and look to foster relevant learning opportunities and promote the vision of E.H.T. - Every Hand Together, Every Child, Every Day! We will continue to EDUCATE with a focus on improving student achievement and student agency, while promoting academic excellence through real world challenges, critical thinking, and creativity. These will assist us in producing global ready citizens. 

We will continue with essentially the same District Learning Goals, as more work is needed on the same three areas. Improvement takes time and changing the plan every year does not yield mastery. So, we will concentrate on improving student achievement via providing Literacy for ALL, Social and Emotional Learning for students and teachers, and transitioning STEAM education to STREAM, where reading will now be included as a pertinent component of this learning philosophy and aligned with our Literacy for All requirement. We will continuously look to create a safe and positive school climate and culture through our Renaissance Program, where recognition and reward creates a place where everyone wants to be every day! We will place effort in fostering community partnerships with local businesses and organizations to share the great programs that we offer and to glean community support. We feel this can be accomplished through service learning activities, internships, volunteerism, and meetings with stakeholders. 

I invite you to learn more about our mission to Embrace, Engage, and Educate by joining us for a series of ParentCamps that will be offered to you this fall at the High School: 

  • • EHT EMBRACE - October 10 at 6pm 

  • • EHT ENGAGE - October 22 at 6pm 

  • • EHT EDUCATE- November 1 at 6pm 

Please refer to our website for more information on these parent and teacher workshops that will provide relevant knowledge about your child's education in Egg Harbor Township. 

New changes this year will include more student half days in the school calendar to allow teachers to collaborate, analyze data, and plan tiered interventions for individualized learning. We now have a two hour delayed opening schedule for inclement weather that will curtail lengthening the school year. We also added armed security in each of our school buildings that will assist with improving school safety. Keeping our students and staff safe is our highest priority and many new security additions will be coming forth this school year.

So what was in the egg? If you have not heard, please refer to this link to our website to watch the unveiling of our newly branded eagle. After learning that we used over 40 different eagles, it was time for our school district to identify with their very own eagle, one that delivers one voice and one message to all. One eagle that is used for athletics, academics, activities, and the arts. Stakeholder input created a new eagle, talons, word mark, and font. I am excited that we now have a common representation of our #EHTPride and look forward to celebrating all of the extraordinary things that our teachers and students do here in Egg Harbor Township! Please plan to join us to learn more on September 29th at the #EHTPride Festival where our school programs and achievements will be showcased. 

Best Wishes for an Enjoyable School Year! 

Dr. Kim Gruccio 

Superintendent of Schools 

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