Embrace Engage Educate


    I am so elated with how #EHTPride is catching on throughout our school district. Our students, teachers, staff, and administration have made tremendous strides in promoting school pride and school spirit. The newly branded logo has been created for our students and staff to assist with not only identity but also pride. While we now have one consistent eagle, the banner allows our school teams, clubs, and activities to personalize it and showcase who they are.

     Our high school students have taken it upon themselves to exhibit school pride and spirit with the establishment of "The Flock." The Flock's mission is to cheer on and support athletic teams and clubs for their hard work and dedication to our school district. This student group has social media presence, EHT Pride shirts, and can be seen and heard in many of our bleachers. Their attendance at football games comes with a weekly theme and an abundance of followers. This showing of intense school spirit has been missing for many years, and it makes me smile to see how it is becoming contagious district wide!

    All of our schools have started the school year with their Renaissance Teams holding pep rallies, recognizing students and staff, and rewarding good character. With each school having a theme, the students have been engaged in a lot of fun and activities.

    Continuing with #EHTPride, our board of education received the elite Carol E. Larsen Master Board Certification, awarded in recognition of high performing boards. Our board made it their mission to focus on student achievement and to participate in professional development in order to become versed in boardsmanship and best school board practices. They demonstrated a commitment to developing a strategic plan from which a mission statement, board goals, and district learning goals evolved.

     Our first annual #EHTPride Festival was a huge success! This was a personal dream that became a reality with the help from passionate and devoted members of our school district, the EHT Educational Foundation, and the EHT Community Partnership. This was truly a collaborative event that showcased the extraordinary things that the Egg Harbor Township School Community does for students.  I am so grateful for the interest and participation in this event and I look forward to doing it again next year.

    I look forward to a productive October as we continue our #EHTPride with emphasizing the importance of respect, violence and fire prevention, and parent camps.  Please join us on October 10th for Parent Camp EMBRACE to learn about the social emotional learning, mental health, I&RS, bullying , academic pressures, character education, and teen driver safety to name a few of the topics to be covered that evening. Parent Camp ENGAGE will be held on October 22 and will feature project- based learning, STREAM, and our academies. Our Parent Camp series are designed to embrace parents, guardians, friends, and the community to partner with us to learn how to better meet our student needs. Please stop in at the high school and collaborate with us. We will provide food and babysitting.

    Lastly, I am really proud that our mission statement defines what we set out to do each and every day. The teachers and staff have dedicated themselves to EMBRACE our students and their families to provide a safe, rigorous, and relevant learning experience while students are ENGAGED and EDUCATED to become responsible for their own learning. 


Dr. Kim Gruccio 

Superintendent of Schools 

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