Virtual Learning Plans

We thank you for all of your patience with learning new technologies and stepping out of your comfort zone and we wanted to provide you with an update to our instructional learning plans as linked and identified below.  The information below will help guide you through the instructional expectations that were revised and will begin on Monday, April 20th.  Depending on additional school closure extensions and guidance from the state, we will revisit our plan and make changes accordingly. During this unprecedented time, there is a learning curve for ALL.  We need to continue learning and supporting one another throughout this journey. If you have any questions, please reach out to your teachers or building administrators so they can support you.

Instructional Plan                                                                                                    

Grades P-3 Instructional Schedule

Grades 4-5 Instructional Schedule

Grades 6-8 Instructional Schedule

Grades 9-12 Instructional Schedule


Definitions of Terms and Color Codes on the Instructional Schedules:

Virtual Help (Office Hours) Students have the opportunity to speak with a teacher via phone, email, or Google Meet for assistance. Teachers will post on Google Classroom their Virtual Help times.

Virtual Lesson This time is dedicated for teachers to provide students mini-lessons and activities. All live videos will have a recorded version posted to Google Classroom to ensure students have access to the video any time of day.

Small group instruction This time is dedicated for teachers to provide small group instruction or assistance to students via Google Meet. Examples may include the following:  1. To remediate for students who need help with assignments, skills, etc., 2. To offer enrichment for students who need extension of learning, 3. Students should be notified and scheduled through Google Classroom to set-up small group times.

Student Check-in This time is dedicated for teachers to reach out to individual students who have not been to Google Meets or completed work.

Google Classroom and Google Meet                                                                      

In response to both staff and parents we are using one platform, Google Classroom, so parents and students know where to find information and how to communicate with teachers. We have also created an instructional schedule that provides non-competing times for classes to provide virtual lessons.  We did our best and believe the majority of competition will be non-existent with our schedule. As with anything, the schedule is not 100% perfect, however, as you can see, we considered a P-12 perspective. Anything that is live, will be recorded and posted to Google Classroom for those students who are not able to attend. 

Our IT Department has created this Parent “How To” Series to assist you in accessing the technology:Parent Series- Click Here

  • Create a Parent Portal Account
  •  Accessing MobyMax and Google Logins in Parent Portal
  •  Logging into Google Classroom and submitting assignment
  •  Logging into MobyMax from EHT’s website
  •  EHT Parent Message - Emergency Planning