Nursing Services

Welcome to the Health Services Office. 

Below is a list of the nurses for each school and their contact information:

 Swift School
 Ann Marie DiCiccio
 609-927-4141 x1101
Slaybaugh Primary
 Elizabeth Derbyshire
 609-927-8222 x1214
Slaybaugh Elementary
Ginger Palermo 
 609-927-8222 x1202
 Davenport Primary
 Mary Kay Nell
609-645-3550 x1301 
 Davenport Elementary
 Judy O'Rourke
609-645-3550 x1310
 Dr. Miller School
 Sarah Laheay Michelle Korte
609-407-2500 x2310   609-407-2500 x2310
 Fernwood Middle School
 Jeannie Roberts  Carey Yakita
 609-383-3355 x1510  609-383-3355 x1511
 Alder Middle School
 Christina Somers Melanie Charlton
 609-383-3366 x1410 609-383-3366 x1411
 High School
Nurse's Office Secretary 
 609-653-0100 x1612
 Rebecca Camp Jan Miller
609-653-0100 x1610 609-653-0100 x1611
 Maura Wren
 609-653-0100 x1634