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Egg Harbor Township School District
Office of Special Education


Mrs. Pamela Hennelly

Director of Special Education

(609) 646-7911 ext. 1020 [email protected]

Mr. Sam Angona

Supervisor of Special Education (Alder and Fernwood)

(609) 383-3366 ext. 1476 (Alder), 1573 (Fernwood) [email protected]
Ms. Jennifer Biddick (Davenport and Slaybaugh-PSD)

Supervisor of Special Education 

(609) 645-3550 ext. 1306 [email protected]
Dr. Jillian Clayton

Supervisor of Special Education (High School)

(609) 653-0100 ext. 1674 [email protected]

Mr. Nick Dorey (Miller and Swift-Slaybaugh)

Supervisor of Special Education 

(609) 646-7911 ext. 2321 [email protected]

To contact your case manager or related service provider, please email or call the Child Study Team secretary of the building your child attends:


Swift-Slaybaugh Complex

Katelyn Andersen

(609) 927-8222 ext. 1273 [email protected]

Davenport Complex

Patricia Warren

(609) 645-3550 ext. 1380 [email protected]


Miller School

Dianna Ricci

(609) 407-2500 ext. 2370 [email protected]


Fernwood Middle School

Joann Wehrhan

(609) 383-3355 ext. 1570 [email protected]

Alder Avenue Middle School

Jennifer Kearney

(609) 383-3366 ext. 1470 [email protected]


EHT High School 

Dianna Barling
(609) 653-0100 ext. 2670
[email protected]

Deana Battisti

(609) 653-0100 ext. 1670 [email protected]