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BASKETBALL - LAST GAME Thursday, February 29, 2024
Ocean City High School

Egg Harbor Township School District 

Unified Programs

All you need to know!

Thursday, February 29, 2024
Ocean City High School

1. What are Unified Programs, Unified Sports?

Unified Champion Schools and programs provide opportunities for students with and without disabilities to work and play together to build a level of independence, of understanding, and lifelong friendships!

2. What accommodations will be made for my child? Will my child have a paraprofessional assigned to him/her?

The plan behind the partnerships between New Jersey Special Olympics and schools districts across the state is for students to work and play together. This will differ from the direct adult to student interaction that takes place through the school day. Unified sports and clubs will carry a unique setting and experience to build a level of independence among our students. Therefore, requests for paraprofessionals and/or accommodations will be made through your registration process and reviewed by our staff.

3. What's the difference between Unified Club and Unified Sports?

Unified Clubs will meet after school on Monday (middle school) or Tuesdays (high school) where will they plan, promote, and participate in school and community engagements.

Unified Sports will practice after school on Thursdays, play and compete in various sports both within the ETH School District and when available, against other local school districts. Students physically participating in Unified Sports must upload a physical exam to their registration and receive approval from the school physician prior to physical participation. Unified Sports vary from a controlled setting (i.e. bowling) to fast paced sports (i.e. basketball). Although modifications are made, student-athletes must be able to participate in some capacity to participate safely and appropriately. Remember, our advisors are always ready to help guide you for the best experience for your child. 

4. Does my child need to sign up for both?

No. You may sign your child up for a unified club, for sports, or both! We just ask that you communicate with your advisor regarding expectations for attendance for planning purposes.

5. Do we need to commit for the entire school year?

No. Please communicate with your advisor on your ability/intent to participate throughout various seasons so they may plan accordingly. 

6. Does my child need a physical?

It depends. If your child will be participating physically in our Unified Sports program, they will need an approved physical exam. You will not need an exam for Unified Clubs or to attend sports in a team manager or support role. 

7. Will my exam be accepted? Did it expire?

All exams must be uploaded to your registration (no hard copies will be accepted) and are reviewed by the nurse in your child's building. A sports exam form can be found on our website under the registration tab. Exams must have a cleared for activity section and be stamped by the medical office for verification.

8. Will you only meet on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays?

The general schedule will include clubs on Tuesdays and sports on Thursdays. There will be a few days or events that will not fall perfectly on those days. When that occurs, our advisors will communicate far in advance!

9. How long will you meet/practice?

Middle schools will meet until 4:10. High school will meet until 3:15. This is subject to change for special events and/or competitions. 

10. Is transportation provided?

Transportation will be provided home from school. When transportation is not available for a specific date or event, our advisors will let you know.

11. How do I register?

Find your advisor below and request to be added to their group. The advisor will send you information to join their Google Classroom and a link to officially register from FamilyID.

12. Who are the advisors?

High School


Danielle Olenik

[email protected]


Michael Passante

[email protected]

Alder Middle School 


Kim Savino

[email protected]


Kristin Hoffecker

[email protected]

Fernwood Middle School


Christina Kupcinski

[email protected]


Elizabeth Bird

[email protected]